Creating One Unique Item At A Time
Creations-N-Wood grew out of a hobby. For the past thirty-five years I've been a woodworking hobbyist making furniture and other items for friends and family. Within the last couple years I started to create small wood items. Specifically; pens, pencils, desk accessories, kaleidoscopes, letter openers, wine bottle stoppers just to name a few. I did this because I love to turn wood and watch as the finished turning comes to life showing off mother nature's beautiful work with wood colors and grains. Probably 90% of everything that I make is made from wood. Some of that wood may be dyed and stabilized in order to achieve special colors, especially needed for my inlay pens, while most of it is just as Mother Nature created it. And because some of my customer's ask for it, I do use some man made materials typically from resins and acrlyics. I do use some really exotic materials sometimes. How about a pen made out of an alligator jaw bone or bird feathers, a prickly cactus or Olive Wood that I buy from the Holy Land. The 'Pen Styles & Materials' tab will give you additional information.

As I honed this skill I began to sell my items at speciality art shows and through speciality shops. Lots of work! Set-up and teardown at art shows takes a lot of time. And then, I never had the right finished goods inventory. More often than not, customers placed special orders to get exactly what they wanted. I haven't done any shows for the last several years but have decided to start once again. I really love working with wood and creating unique items but, I also really like meeting and talking to folks at those shows.

I did decide to "spiff" up my website, trying to make it easier to navigate and better organized. I've tried to lay out my web site logically. Yes, it has some boiler plate information that if nothing else you may find educational. And, I've tried to define all of the various custom options. If you get lost the 'Home' button will always bring you back to the start.

If you like what you see and want to place an order just use the 'Buy Now' button available on all in stock items or the 'Contact Us' link at the top of all pages to discuss a special item not available on my web-site.

Even if you decide to not place an order for a finished or customized item, I hope you enjoy looking through my web site. You are welcome and encouraged to ask any questions or leave any comments, just use the 'Contact Us' link from any page.
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