Creating One Unique Item At A Time
Pen Styles & Materials
There is a huge variety, literally tens of dozens, of different styles and sizes of writing instruments available. Creations-N-Wood proudly offers one of the largest selections of pen styles and sizes available anywhere. Complimenting the pen style, I offer a selection of materials to set your new pen apart from the store bought old ordinary, typical pen.

Looking for a pen for your personal writing needs, a pen for a memorable gift for that special person, employee awards or a larger quantity of pens for a corporate event or as customer appreciation gifts, Creations-N-Wood will have a pen for you.

Creations-N-Wood offers ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pens, as well as pencils and not to be left behind with technology, a selection of soft tip stylus for use on iPads, iPhones, Android and other touch screen devices. Want something really unique, how about a custom turned razor and brush combination set?

Domestic as well as exotic rare woods from throughout the Americas and throughout the world make fantastic traditional pens. Acrylic resin makes long lasting easy to maintain colorful pens. What about a pen made of ebonite? That's the same material that was used to make bowling balls. How about beautifully grained Olive Wood that I acquire directly from Jerusalem, Israel. Other materials I use to hand make unique pens include metal mixed with resin, stone, snakeskin, alligator jawbone, antler, bullet cartridges, cactus, computer printed circuit boards, abalone and bird feathers.

Many special interest designed pens are made using laser cut wood that I hand inlay into the pen. Patriotic American flags, dogs, golf scenes, piano keyboards and Kokopelli are just some of the inlay pens that I offer. In fact, the last time I counted, there are about 190 different special interest inlay pens that I offer. Some of these pens only require several laser cut inlay pieces to be fit while others require the fitting of upwards of 65 individual laser cut pieces. Be sure to check them out under the Wood Inlay tab.

If you would like to discuss your idea for a perfect pen, give me a call or use the e-mail Contact Us link above to, Fred at
Creations-N-Wood. I would love to talk to you about creating your perfect pen.
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