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I ensure your pen will arrive well protected. Your pen will be shipped in an attractive pen box. The pen box is black velour with gold trim and has gray velour interior. The box is shipped inside a cardboard sleeve that makes gift wrapping the box very easy.

If you want to add some real "pizzazz" to your pen consider adding a custom pen box to your order. For a corporate gift, an employee award or for that special person check out the custom wood boxes shown on this page.

There are any number of styles and customizations that can be made to a pen box. Some of the pictures shown here were custom boxes previously done and are intended to help you visualize what all is possible. If you can dream it up, it probably can be created as a custom pen box. Send me an e-mail or give me a call to discuss your personal ideas for customizing that special pen box.
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Violin Pen Case - # Vio-Case
$ 32.00
A perfect pairing with the Tommy Gun Wood Inlay pen.

Add to the nostalgia of the old time gangster movies where the bad guys always used a Thompson Submachine Gun and always carried it in a violin case. The case is an accurate copy of an authentic violin case.

The Violin Pen Case is a cool way to display your Tommy Gun Inlay Pen.

For the musically minded, it's also a perfect fit for the Violin or Musical Note wood inlay pens.
Civil War Pen Case - # CivWar-Case
$ 40.00
The Civil War Pen Case is laser engraved with famous people's images and the names that were associated with the Civil War. The box has a center laser cut oval covered on the inside with plexiglas that showcases your pens.

The pen box is available with either a single or double pen insert. I will size your insert based on the Civil War pen(s) that you have ordered. If you need a specific size insert (single pen or double pen) please send me an e-mail, give me a call or you can add a note to your payment.

For the history buff this box, when added to the Civil War pens, completes a prized and cherished gift.
Jig Saw Puzzle Pen Case - # Jig-Saw
$ 40.00
Why not add the Jig Saw Puzzle Pen Case to your Jig Saw Puzzle Pen order? It is the perfect compliment for the pen. The top of the box has been laser cut with puzzle pieces shapes and covered on the inside with plexiglas.

The box has been designed to allow for customization of your ideas and creativity on the left top of the box. You can add something personal to this area to truly create a unique and special gift.
Grand Piano Pen Case - # Pia-Case
$ 40.00
You bought the Piano Inlay Pen for your budding Mozart or Beethoven, maybe for that special music teacher or the Church organist so why not add a complimenting Grand Piano Pen Box. The box was specifically designed to compliment the Grand Piano Inlay Pen. The pen box has been designed two different ways and I have pictured both ways to the left.

The first, allows your recipient to view the ivories through the laser cut plexiglas covered window and proudly displays a laser engraved image of Beethoven on the left. The second, has a solid top with musical notes laser engraved along with Beethoven's likeness.

You may choose either style. When paying please add a note to your instructions choosing either the windowed or the solid top pen box.
The boxes shown above represent just some of the more standard laser engraved pen boxes that I make. As I discussed on the top of this page, you have the ability to design your own custom pen box. And just like I said before, if you can dream it up it probably can be created as a custom pen box.

Custom pen boxes fall into one of several categories and are priced based on the category. All custom made pen boxes are designed by you and I and require your approval prior to the box actually being laser engraved. I've listed the various categories below along with samples of what each category would comprise. All you need to do is pick the appropriate style box, place your order and that will trigger our working together on your design. If that sounds too confusing, just send me an e-mail telling me what you think you want and we can design and price it together before you order it. Custom pen boxes usually require between 7 to 10 business days for shipping following your approval of the design.
Pen Box / Solid Lid w/Laser Engraving on Lid - # Style 1 - Box
$ 30.00
Pen Box / Laser Cut-Out w/Laser Engraving on Lid - # Style 2 - Box
$ 40.00
Pen Box / Laser Cut-Out w/Laser Engraving on Plexiglas Cover & Laser Engraving on Lid - # Style 3 - Box
$ 46.00
(Name has been blocked out to protect identy.)
Style #3
Hover your mouse over any picture to magnify it. Click on that picture to view a large image and when finished viewing click again to return.
I also carry a limited variety of additional high end pen boxes. These boxes are not customizable and are sold as manufactured. If you would rather have a simpler, but still high quality pen box, you may be interested in one of these. If you have any questions concerning these boxes don't hesitate to ask.
Artisan Cabretta Pen Box - Black - Cabret - Box
$ 12.00
Show-off your custom turned pen with a stunning Artisan® Cabretta Pen Box. The box features elegant leather-like exterior with gold trim for durability. A luxurious velvet and white satin interior protects your pen from scratches and scuffs. The pen box is ideal for larger pens or for displaying two pens at once.

The box pictured is shown in black but is also available in burgundy. If you would prefer a burgundy box please send me an e-mail letting me know and I'll get back to you letting you know availability.
Rosewood Double or Single Pen Box - Rosedbl - Box
$ 19.00
Multi Purpose Rosewood Box

These beautiful hardwood boxes include inserts for both a single and a double pen set. Both inserts are made of foam and covered with a black velvet material. The insert protects your pen or pens very well. When displayed in the Rosewood box, your pen or pens present an elegant and beautiful item that is sure to please the gift recipient..
Oversized Rosewood Single Pen Box - Ovrszrose - Box
$ 12.00
These larger boxes are designed to fit larger pens such as the Big Ben and Bolt Action pens, as examples, along with many others.

This box is very well made and looks like it should cost 4 times what it does. When displayed in the Rosewood box, your pen or pens present an elegant and beautiful item that is sure to please the gift recipient.
Luxurious Babinga Pen Box - Babinga - Box
$ 26.00
Luxuriously crafted with an eye to detail, these high end pen boxes will let you present your pen or pens in the style they deserve. Wether you are going to use this box as part of a gift for someone else or use it yourself on your desk this box exudes quality and craftsmanship The box is constructed of solid wood with a soft padded felt interior and a magnetic closure on the lid.
Fancy Single Rosewood Pen Box - Fanrose - Box
$ 34.00
These elegant wooden boxes are ideal for your priceless High End Pens. The boxes are meticulously crafted with a 3" x 6" glass display top. They also feature premium brass hinges and a sculpted Grecian style body and feet.

Your cherrished and high end pen will be displayed in the most elegant way.
I dare you to buy one of these boxes to be used as part of a gift and not end up keeping it for yourself! They are of exceptional quality for their price.
Black Leatherette Letter Opener & Pen Box - Letpen - Box
$ 16.00
The black leatherette with gray felt lining is extra long in order to accommodate a pen and a letter opener. Letter openers are typically longer than pens and require the extra box length.

The leatherette exterior is soft to the touch, the box's interior is extra deep as well as long to accommodate letter openers of different sizes and uses a felt strap to safely secure the items.
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